• Does SenioRx supply your medications?  SenioRx provides assistance for applying for discount pharmaceutical cards and pharmaceutical free drug programs, as well as applying for refills once initial assistance is obtained.


  • Who approves the application?  Each drug company has individual requirements for eligibility.  SenioRx cannot guarantee that you will receive all medicines requested, but will help you apply for all medicines when you meet the companies’ guidelines.  You must supply all information requested to finish your application in a timely manner.


  • Is there a charge to participate in this program?  There is no charge for you to participate in the SenioRx program, but voluntary contributions to help support the program are gladly accepted.


  • Why do I have to provide personal information?  You will be expected to provide personal information needed to complete the process, including your doctor’s signature and an original prescription (if needed) for the application.


  • How long does it take for my application to be approved?  It usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks to receive your medication or pharmaceutical discount card after mailing off your application.  For pharmaceutical free drug programs, most drug companies mail the medicine directly to your doctor—the medicine will not be distributed by the SenioRx Program.  If you apply for a drug discount card, it will be mailed directly to you.


  • Will my information be shared with another agency or company?  All information collected to complete your application will be kept strictly confidential and not shared without your permission.